Ray Bader VO

Giving Voice To Your Message

Talented Voice Artist In FAYETTEVILLE, AR

When you need a highly trained voice actor to give your message a foundation, contact Ray Bader VO in Fayetteville, AR. As a voice actor, he has used his talents for years to provide audio to the world.

Ray has been using his voice for many years. Whether he is singing, being an MC, on the radio or TV, he does it with pride. However, only recently has he ventured full-time into the voice over business. Ray is a graduate of the 'Such a Voice' training program and has attended numerous seminars to hone his craft. He enjoys this line of work because of its versatility and adventure. 

When you pick him to provide voice over for your next project, you won’t be disappointed.

Ray did a stint as a radio personality on a Memphis country station. About the same time, Ray was producing commercials for a local Memphis TV startup. Since then, he has been the voice of an annual charitable car show and assumed MC duties for a local charity 5K run.

Let his experience speak for itself and provide you with just the right amount of voice you need to take your commercial, personal project, or music to the next level. Call today for more information.

Ray Bader with headphones on


Ray has been using his voice for years as an MC, radio and TV host, and now as a voice over artist. Ray is a senior, native English speaker who provides clear and understandable work.


Ray provides a wide range of styles, including serious, playful, confident, sage, and more! If you like what you hear from Ray's demos, call or email to discuss your project.

Works With You:

Ray is thoughtful and artistic but also able to listen to direction provided. He has reasonable rates and is able to provide turnaround on YOUR schedule.